The Big Stories

In a new interview, Marilyn Manson opened up about why he finds Justin Bieber insufferable. Marilyn claims that Justin’s team released a shirt featuring his likeness and wrote across the back, “Bigger Than Satan… Bieber.” Justin said that he got Marilyn’s permission to create the shirt, but he didn’t. In fact, Marilyn claims that Justin was already wearing the shirt when they met and even suggested that he was doing Marilyn a favour, saying to Marilyn that he made him relevant again. Marilyn goes on to describe Justin as a “real piece of s**t” to have the arrogance to say something like that. According to Marilyn, he got Justin back by telling him he would show up at his concert at the Staples Center and sing “Beautiful People” with him. He says Justin believed he would show up because he’s “stupid.” Marilyn also made sure that he got all the proceeds from the shirt with his image.




Drake saved Shawn Mendes from getting roughed up at a recent concert featuring The Weeknd. Here’s what happened: Shawn spotted Drake – whom he’d met several times before – and just wanted to say, “hi,” when a “six-foot-six, three-hundred-pound security guard” unfamiliar with the 19-year-old pop star tried to restrain him. Shawn says he was there, in the middle of The Weeknd’s show, with his arm behind his back, getting shoved around by this security guard, when he saw Drake look over. He says, he saw Drake put it all together and then Drizzy walked over and told the guard to let go. Needless to say, it was an embarrassing moment, but it could have been much worse.



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