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Kim Kardashian seems to have it all. An impossibly voluptuous body, an estimated $65 million in the bank, a string of brilliant reality shows, an egomaniacal rapper husband, a mobile game about fame-whoring and whatever it is that she's doing with fashion. It's a pretty impressive empire and lord knows she put in a superhuman amount of real work in to earn every single overpriced jacket she owns, and to pay for every single overpriced latte she buys. She even had the ingenuity to videotape some of her earliest "work" . . . so everyone could recognize her talent and skill. With a hard-working woman like this, it definitely isn't surprising that she would never allow her daughter, North, to just stroll right into fame and money, it just isn't the Kardashian way. Kim said, "I was saying to my friends, 'I wonder what North's first job is gonna be.'  And they were like, 'What?  She's gonna have a job?' and I was like, 'Are you kidding me?  Of course she is.' "She will have to work for what she wants." When asked what North - who's 16 months old now - might do when she grows up, Kim said, "I don't know.  She loves fashion.  Maybe she'll be a designer.  Who knows?  It's too early to tell."





Beyonce's music is for dumb people, while the Counting Crows are for geniuses ... atleast according to the results of some uestionable new survey. Someone took the average SAT and ACT test scores of various colleges and compared them to the students' musical tastes at that school.  They crunched the data . . . and spit out a graph that supposedly shows what young people of different intellects are listening to. In addition to Beyoncé, those with the LOWER test scores listen to:  Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, T.I., Aerosmith, Nickelback, and in general, the genres hip-hop, gospel, oldies, alternative, reggae, jazz and pop. In addition to Counting Crows, those with the HIGHER test scores listened to:  Beethoven, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, U2, Bob Dylan, Ben Folds, Norah Jones, The Shins, Beck, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Obviously, since this data doesn't directly connect a student's test scores to their musical tastes . . . only averages of whole colleges . . . it's hard to put much stock in this.

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