The Big Stories

Gwen Stefani recently took Blake Shelton to a dinner party at Tobey Maguire's place.  Gwen is very close with Tobey and his wife Jen Meyer.  There were other A-listers there as well.  From what I hear, Gwen was super excited to introduce Blake to her friends.  Apparently she was beaming all night, and the two of them did nothing to hide their affection for each other.  I’m told they were acting like giggly teenagers.  So cute!






There are times where Carrie Underwood wears three watches.  Now if you saw anyone else do that, you might think they’re a bit strange, but for Carrie, there’s a method to the madness. In a recent interview she explained that she wears a Fitbit, as well as an Apple Watch.  She says she's been "Fitbitting" for two years.  And frankly, I think she’s obsessed with it.  She says, "I love it.  I love information.  I love living a healthy lifestyle, I like knowing how many steps I took and how many stairs I climb.  Then I got an Apple watch, and it's interesting to see the discrepancies in the two.  I just like to know what they both say.  I've worn three at one point."  Actually, she's so dependent on her watches that she's lost without them.  She says, "The worst is when I have to take them off during stuff.  I'm like, 'I'm gonna lose my steps.'”  So instead of losing those steps she makes other people wear them and walk back and forth, the same as her.  See? Obsessed!  





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