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It looks like Katy Perry might have a thing for bad boys.  Rumour has it that she hooked up with Diplo at Coachella.  Well back in 2011 the EDM DJ got arrested for a bar fight and was ordered to attend anger management classes. The fight broke out at The Standard hotel in NYC. He’s also been arrested for shoplifting and doing graffiti.




'N SYNC got together at the "MTV Video Music Awards" last year to honour Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone was recently asked if he thought that might lead to something more serious. He said, "It was fun, it was interesting, but I don't know if it's ever going to happen again… at this moment in time is anything going to happen?  Absolutely, 100% no… at this moment." He also used it as an opportunity to diss the Backstreet Boys for reuniting.  He said, "I feel like they just need the money.  No offense guys!"  


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