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John ‘The Player’ Mayer wants to steal Jennifer Lawrence away from Chris Martin.  To be clear, Jennifer and Chris are not exclusive.  They’ve been on a few dates, and they seem smitten with each other, but apparently, at this stage, they’re still free to date other people.  My source tells me John and Jennifer had dinner together in West Hollywood on August 29th.  John feels like Chris is no match for his charm and he plans to continue to woo Jennifer until she chooses him.  





The split between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon has been rough.  Particularly on Mariah.  A close source says, “Family and close friends are worried about her. She’s a loose cannon and feels humiliated. She’s too caught up with what others think of her. And she does have a past of self-destructive behavior. She needs professional help and tons of support right now. She’s falling apart and totally on edge. She feels like a failure. Nick doesn’t like to talk about it. But it’s really affecting him. He always looks drained and tired and he’s getting thin in the face. His life is crumbling, and it’s hard to watch.”

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