The Big Stories

There are several sources that are claiming that Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger had an open relationship and that’s what ended up hurting them. Apparently the agreement was that they were allowed to see other people when they were apart as long as it was discreet.  When those pictures of Patrick and Bella Thorne hit the internet Miley felt publicly humiliated and just couldn’t get past that. While nobody can confirm that this actually is the case, one thing for sure is that Patrick and Miley certainly don't seem to be in a good place in their relationship these days.






People have suggested that Big Sean and Ariana Grande broke up after Justin Bieber got a little too cozy with Ariana on stage a few weeks ago.   But Ariana may have orchestrated the whole thing to make Sean jealous. Sources say Sean is the one who broke up with Ariana, because she's immature and selfish.  And, of course, she responded in a very immature and selfish manner, by using Justin to make him jealous. At the time, sources say they were still talking, and a reconciliation was on the table.  It's not clear if the Justin stunt had any influence on things.


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