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The Weeknd is planning a romantic vacation for Selena Gomez’s 25th birthday, and apparently Selena is pretty excited about it! She’s counting down the days until the big b-day. She has no idea where they’re going, but I’m sure she knows it will be somewhere amazing. Speaking of Selena, Taylor Swift took to Instagram yesterday to support her best friend Selena Gomez, after months of radio silence. “Sultry pop magic from this dreamy almost-birthday-girl,” she captioned a photo of Selena’s recent cover art for her new single, “Fetish” featuring Gucci Mane. The last time that Taylor posted something was back in May. And before that it was March.





Miley Cyrus has been dressing down (ever so slightly) in the last six months or so. For a while, every photo shoot she did had at least partial nudity and her Instagram was like an ad for a really weird strip club. But not so much these days. And she says it’s because showing all that skin started to make her feel like she was being “sexualized.” She says, “It became something that was expected of me. I didn’t want to show up to photo shoots and be the girl who would get my [boobs] out, and stick out my tongue.” She also says the whole message behind dressing the way she did got lost somewhere, “It was kind of like saying, ‘[Eff] you. Girls should be able to have this freedom or whatever.’ But it got to a point where I did feel sexualized.” Now, obviously she was being sexualized. And it’s probably fair to say she was a willing participant. Like when she twerked all over Robin Thicke at the VMAs in 2013. But it doesn’t sound like she’s claiming she wasn’t a part of it. And she wouldn’t be the first person to tone that kind of stuff down at age 24. Miley also says the shock factor is just gone now. At the Met Gala in New York this past May, she said, “Everyone had their boobs out, everyone had their [butt] out.” So, it’s actually more of a statement if she doesn’t dress like that.



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