Hollywood Schmollywood

Officials from the Uganda Women’s Effort to Protect Orphans have revealed that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian promised to build a new home for the children of Uganda during their visit this week. The organization tells The Blast that they are “truly grateful” for the love that Kimye showed the children and look forward to “any and all future collaborations” with the couple. UWESO provides a rehabilitation center for children who have been living on the streets.


The cast of Orange Is the New Black announced that the seventh and final season of the show will air on Netflix in 2019. The show’s creator Jenji Kohan also released a statement, saying, “After seven seasons, it’s time to be released from prison.” Kohan told The New York Times last summer that Season 7 might be the show’s last. The show is inspired by Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, and premiered


In her new memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, Busy Philipps let’s readers in on the good, the bad and the ugly behind-the scenes drama on Dawson’s Creek. Philipps joined the cast of the hit show in 2001 (Season 5), saying it was clear from the start that there was an “intense dynamic.”


She calls the show’s star, Katie Holmes “very sweet,” but adds “ we didn’t spend that much time together. I knew she worked out a lot.” Philipps said she “had a hard time really connecting with her,” adding that “She didn’t seem to like to drink very much, and while I knew she’d sneak a cigarette every once in a while, she wasn’t really like a hang-out-and-smoke kind of girl.”


The 39-year-old writes that stars Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek did not get along. She opined that Jackson saw himself as a “George Clooney type,” but was a bit of a “mainsplainer” and could “turn a conversation into a dissertation.”

BODY-SHAMING Philipps says that she was also often body-shamed on-set. “Wardrobe was really disheartening. The woman looked at my body skeptically. ;Hmmm. I think the trick with you will be to just accentuate your chest and push up your boobs and maybe show your legs, and then just try to hide from here’ – she pointed to right under my boobs – ‘to here’ — She pointed to right above my knees,” adding that they covered up her moles and compared her disparagingly to Holmes, who they said “WORKS SO HARD” and “LOVES running.”


Cardi B has shut down reports from TMZ that she’s planning on dropping a diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj. “Dear TMZ… ya constantly got me in ya blog spreading fake s**t about me without doing ya research and even when we tell ya is not true ya still push it,” Cardi wrote yesterday in a since-deleted Instagram post. “Ya motherf**kers need to get off my d**k and start reporting about them actresses ya used to report cause I’m not the one to f**k with. THANK YOU!!” She added, “BTW, in REAL news my single ‘Money’ drops November 26!!” Earlier in the day, the gossip site claimed Cardi’s new music will “take some serious jabs at Nicki.”


After news broke last week that Channing Tatum is seeing pop star Jessie J, Us Weekly reports that Tatum’s estranged wife Jenna Dewan has likewise returned to the dating pool. “[Dewan] is seeing someone new,” a source says. “[He 0=”isn’t”] well known.” Meanwhile, Tatum and Jessie J have reportedly been dating for months. “He and Jessie are keeping it casual,” another insider says. “They’re having fun.”


Fame doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re POPULAR. A few months back, “Forbes” released a list of ‘The 100 Highest-Paid Entertainers.’ And now, a new survey took those names, and decided to separate the FAMOUS from the INFAMOUS. They asked more than 6,600 Americans to tell them what they thought of each . . . whether their opinion was favorable, unfavorable, or neither. In the end, the MOST LIKED of the 100 richest was THE ROCK. Here’s the Top 10:

1. The Rock . . . 82% had a favorable opinion of him, 6% unfavorable.

2. Jackie Chan . . . 76% favorable, 6% unfavorable.

3. Will Smith . . . 77% favorable, 11% unfavorable.

4. Paul McCartney . . . 68% favorable, 8% unfavorable.

5. Adam Sandler . . . 71% favorable, 13% unfavorable.

6. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling . . . 65% favorable, 7% unfavorable.

7. Robert Downey Jr. . . . 68% favorable, 11% unfavorable.

8. Billy Joel . . . 66% favorable, 9% unfavorable.

9. The Eagles . . . 64% favorable, 7% unfavorable.

10. The Rolling Stones . . . 69% favorable, 13% unfavorable.

The first really divisive celebrity is Dr. Phil at #60. He’s 51% liked but 29% hated. BUT Dr. Phil would be happy to know that his numbers are still good enough to put him ahead of Drake, who’s at #61. He’s 43% liked but 21% hated. Tiger Woods (#78), and Jay-Z (#86) are both more than 30% disliked, which is the most, until you get down to the BOTTOM SIX. They are:

100. Kim Kardashian . . . 27% favorable, 56% unfavorable.

99. Kris Jenner . . . 23% favorable, 51% unfavorable.

98. Rush Limbaugh . . . 22% favorable, 41% unfavorable.

97. Kylie Jenner . . . 25% favorable, 44% unfavorable.

96. Howard Stern . . . 32% favorable, 40% unfavorable.

95. Sean Hannity . . . 26% favorable, 33% unfavorable